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Music is for everyone. I believe in taking music into places that wouldn't ordinarily experience it, because opportunity is everything. I started out life as an 8 year old musician because the headmistress at my primary school could see I needed a challenge outside of maths and english. I'm not from a musical family so I consider myself extremely lucky to be a musician. If it wasn't for that lady's astuteness, I may not have made the career in music I now have and I surely wouldn't have the ability to express myself as creatively. I am indebted to her and all who followed in supporting me, particularly to my folks who bravely shoved me forwards head first into a life they knew nothing about.
Because of this, I am passionate about using music as a vehicle for social development. I work for many charities covering all sorts of settings, from topical workshops in mainstream schools to multisensory experiences within special educational needs. I have a particular interest in music as therapy for dementia and I'm currently involved in an ongoing project, developing relationships and encouraging personal and musical growth. I also have experience in Dalcroze Eurythmics working with very young people, building confidence and internalising connections between movement and sound.


All the work I do, is as client led as possible. It's vitally important you make your own decisions and feel empowered by what we do together. I am here to enable you, not tell you what to do.


See my cv for details of training and experience.


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